Trade Unions want to be added to the list of essential services

Trade Unions want to be added to the list of essential services

The National Trade Union Centre of Trinidad and Tobago (NATUC) is calling on the Government to include unions on the essential list.

According to a media release issued by NATUC, front line workers and first responders are directly involved in the fight against this global pandemic COVID-19 are members of Trade Unions.

NATCU says such members have the right to Trade union representations (which in NATUC view) is a fundamental human right.

“NATUC, therefore, calls on the Government “to do the right thing and place the Trade Union on the essential list”.

NATUC says “to assume that there will be no disagreement dispute and/or Grievances occasion by COVID-19 and /or health and safety issue that will warrant parties to meet and treat with employers in good faith over any issue is misplaced and misdirected ‐’ in fact, the engagement with employers, representatives have increased throughout the Coronavirus.”

NATUC is therefore, re-emphasize the call to the Government to place unions on the ESSENTIAL LIST given the legitimate rights of Trade Unions to represent and seek the best interest of our members.