Trade Unions threaten to report gov’t to the ILO

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Trade Unions threaten to report gov’t to the ILO

President of the Joint Trade Union Movement, Ancel Roget said no labour legislation had been laid in Parliament since 2017.

In light of this, trade union intend to report the government to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for not taking crucial labour legislation to Parliament.

At a press conference on the steps of the Office of the Attorney General in Port-of-Spain yesterday, Roget said, “We have seen all kinds of different priorities except those who matter, which are the workers who at the end of the day turn the wheels of the economy.”

“We call on the Attorney General to bring legislation to the Parliament with a sense of urgency so that workers throughout this country, who today are exploited by the merciless hands of their employers, can get trade union representation. A worker who works in some of the most unsafe conditions for menial or slave wage in this country today, those workers, barring none, contract workers, media workers, all workers, that were afforded an opportunity to really get the type of representation that they deserve as workers.”