Trade unions and CPO to meet again on Monday

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Trade unions and CPO to meet again on Monday

Public sector trade negotiations are set to continue on Monday, and this time the unions will be looking at collective agreements over the last three years and a merger of cost of living allowance (COLA).

General Secretary of the National Trade Union Centre (Natuc), Michael Annisette, said the National Union of Government and Federated Workers (NUGFW), Contractors and General Workers Union (C&GWU) and the Amalgamated Workers Union (AWU) will meet with the CPO on Monday at 1 pm.

Annisette said, “The CPO unilaterally offers wage/salaries increases over an eight-year period. All the collective bargaining periods were always for three years.

Regarding the 2% offer, Annisette stated that the previous offer of a two per cent increase from the CPO is unworkable and pointed out that they are prepared to struggle until better sense prevails and the Economic financial and social realities that workers are facing are meaningfully addressed at the negotiations table.”

In a Newsday interview, CPO Daryl Dindial said, “Another offer will be forthcoming on Monday.”

“I also indicated to them that any offer will result in significant sums being borrowed to settle any potential agreement and the State must continue to exercise responsible leadership with regard to what can be sustained going forward.”