Tracy already claiming PNM victory over Farley’s seat

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Tracy already claiming PNM victory over Farley’s seat

PNM Tobago Council political leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine is already claiming victory in one seat ahead of the THA election on January 25…that of Speyside/Parlatuvier/L’anse Fourmi

At a political meeting at the Lambeau Hard Court on Tuesday night, Davidson-Celestine said her greatest political achievement would be to see Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) deputy leader Farley Augustine lose the Speyside/Parlatuvier/L’anse Fourmi seat.

She said the seat was already as good as theirs, because based on the information and the polls that have been coming out, the PNM’s Rory Dillon has already won the seat.
“And I want to thank the people in Parlatuvier/L’anse Fourmi/Speyside for bringing back that seat to the People’s National Movement,” she said.

She added “It is only for now to place the writing on the wall and to ensure that Rory now dresses up nicely and takes over the decision-making process on behalf of those people in that electoral district.”

Davidson-Celestine said she learnt, during her discussions with people in the electoral district, that Augustine had not provided proper representation over the past four years.
“I want him to tell me the one or two things that he has fixed up to this period of time, because whatever has happened in that electoral district happened when I was the secretary and area representative. He has done nothing to date. That is what the people are saying.”

Augustine is seeking a second term as the area’s representative.