Track & Field star Deon Lendore laid to rest in Santa Rosa

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Track & Field star Deon Lendore laid to rest in Santa Rosa

The funeral service for Track and Field athlete Deon Lendore was held at the Santa Rosa RC Church, on Thursday

He was later buried at the Santa Rosa Cemetery.

Lendore died in a car accident in Texas on January 10. He was 29. At the time of his death he was a coach at Texas A&M.

Only a limited number of people were allowed to attend the funeral due covid19 restrictions.

Lendore was a former Abilene Wildcats, Queen’s Royal College (QRC) and Texas A&M University athlete.

The Ministry of Youth Development and National Service in a statement today said that Lendore made an indelible mark on sport and youth development in Trinidad and Tobago, notably as he anchored Trinidad and Tobago’s 4x400m Men’s Olympic Team, to win Bronze at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

“As a young athlete, Lendore would have inspired many other youths in Trinidad and Tobago as he competed professionally at various international competitions.”

According to the Minister of Youth Development and National Service, “I pay homage to Mr Lendore and express appreciation for his dedication to excellence and his contribution to national service in Trinidad and Tobago.”