Tourism Ministry welcomes extended beach time and reopening of rivers

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Tourism Ministry welcomes extended beach time and reopening of rivers

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, is pleased with the Prime Minister’s decision to extend the opening hours of beaches, in particular beaches under their purview, located at Maracas, Las Cuevas and Vessigny.
The Manzanilla Beach will remain closed until further notice.

These facilities will be opened during the hours of 5am and 2pm, and during this time, there will be no consumption of alcohol, parties, or playing of loud music. Mask wearing should be maintained outside of the water.

In a release on Saturday, the ministry noted that rivers are now also to be opened, however, there are strict guidelines which must be adhered to, including no larger gatherings (no more than 10 persons), no alcohol consumption, no fires, no music and no parties.

The Ministry is reminding all users of our beaches and rivers to comply with the recommended guidelines and safety measures in place at beaches to maintain the health and safety of all users.

Tourism Minister, Randall Mitchell, said “I am pleased with the extended opening time of beaches and moreso with the reopening of rivers. This will no doubt bring some much needed relief to the tourism sector as visitors can now use our beaches for a longer period and hiking clubs can add the use of rivers to the entire hiking and eco-adventure experience.”

The Ministry will continue working closely with the TT Police Service to ensure adherence to the opening and closing times of the facilities and monitoring of restricted activity.