Tourism Ministry Pleased With Growing Interest By Cruise Lines In Recruitment of  TT Nationals

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Tourism Ministry Pleased With Growing Interest By Cruise Lines In Recruitment of TT Nationals

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts is pleased with the growing interest by Cruise Lines in the recruitment of Trinidad and Tobago nationals.

This comes at the completion of the recent Disney Cruise Line Recruitment Drive, which took place at Queen’s Hall, Port of Spain on May 15th and 16th, 2024.

It supported the initiative through the provision of the event venue, corporate communications services and other logistical arrangements.

Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited, the local recruitment agent, successfully shortlisted applicants to fill vacancies in the areas of Food and Beverage, Guest Services, Galley Jobs, Lifeguards and Culinary.

These positions were advertised in the local newspapers and via digital media for a period of two weeks.

A total of eighty applicants were selected to be interviewed for the in-person exercise conducted by Disney Cruise Line recruiters.

Over ninety per cent of applicants interviewed during the two-day drive will receive letters of intent from Disney Cruise Line.

According to Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited, over five thousand nationals submitted e-applications for the opportunity to work for Disney Cruise Line.

This formed part of a registration and pre-screening process that was conducted by the local agency.

Following this process, and based on the requirements for the available positions, Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited shortlisted one hundred and fifty candidates to be further screened and considered for the respective vacancies.

Eighty  suitable persons were then invited for in-person interviews at Queen’s Hall over the two-day period.

The local recruitment agency indicated that Disney Cruise Line was “blown away” by the high calibre of candidates that were selected.

In their recap, they also reported that the Disney Cruise Line recruiters were impressed by the outstanding coordination and professionalism shown by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts and Meridian Recruitment Agency Limited who were able to offer the cruise line their full quota of suitably qualified persons.

Disney Cruise Line utilized this initiative to not only hire persons for their ships, but to also assess the capability of the Trinbago-bred agency to support the Cruise Line in other recruitment drives throughout the region.

The Tourism Ministry anticipates productive discussions will continue with Disney Cruise Line and other cruise lines to conduct more recruitment drives in Trinidad and Tobago following the successful drives conducted by MSC Cruises in 2023 and Royal Caribbean Group’s in 2022.

Nationals are urged to seize the opportunities to monetize their skills and showcase the best of Trinidad and Tobago’s human capital and culture to the world.

Once successful at the interviews, all applicants will receive an official email from Disney Cruise Line confirming their acceptance.

Candidates would then have a three to six month period to finalize their medicals, visa sand other documents.

Unsuccessful candidates will also be contacted with key information on ways they can be trained and developed to be considered for future recruitment initiatives.

The Ministry says it is committed to realizing the objectives of the National Tourism Policy in order to promote Trinidad and Tobago as a premier destination.

As such, this strategic initiative is in line with the National Tourism Policy for Trinidad and Tobago 2021-2030.