Total of 35,176 citizens register for Salary Relief

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Total of 35,176 citizens register for Salary Relief

Individuals in the food, restaurant and retail sectors are among the bulk of citizens that have made requests for Salary Relief Grants from the Ministry of Finance.

Finance Minister, Colm Imbert, made the revelation via Twitter last evening, while showing that a total of 35,156 people applied by the deadline date of May 31.

Applications were opened on May 18 via a portal set by the Ministry of Finance.

The Minister said, “As of May 31, 2021, we have a total of 18,747 Salary Relief Grant applications submitted to the MoF, with a further 11,183 applications in progress; a total of 29,930 active SRG applications in 12 days.”

He added, “The bulk of the applications are in the Food, Restaurant and Retail Sectors.”

In a graph released by the minister, over 15,000 people from the food and restaurant sector applied for grants, while over 13,000 from the retail sector sent in applications.

The others who are seeking assistance are employees who worked at casinos/members clubs, the beauty industry, bars and pre-school/daycares among others.

The Salary Relief Grant offers $1,500 for those who lost their jobs or source of income from May 1 and a $1,000 grant for those who suffered a similar fate from May 8.