Tony Hall passes away from massive heart attack

Tony Hall passes away from massive heart attack

Theater icon Tony Hall passes on after a massive heart attack at 11:30 am. He leaves to mourn his children Mauri and Lindsey,along with wife Mary and brother Dennis ‘Sprangalang’ Hall. His passing was confirmed by his sister-in-law Natasha, who is the wife of his brother Dennis Hall.

Tony Hall (born Michael Anthony Hall on Friday July 16th, 1948) functions as a playwright, screenwriter, actor and director. He hails from the city of San Fernando on the twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, in the Caribbean Sea. In his early years, Tony grew as a protege (1973-81) of Poet Laureate & Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Derek Walcott. Mr. Hall has dreamt up many other names for folks (especially in his poetry) who conduct intellectual lives independent of his own and who sometimes hold unpopular and/or extreme views even more insipid than the ones he often espouses.

Having worked at home and abroad, he has written and directed for street, stage and screen since the late 1960’s. And since 1987 Tony has collaborated in the masquerade (Mas), and contributed to T&T’s famed Carnival celebrations, as a ‘Mas Maker’; including working closely with Carnival Mas Master, Peter Minshall.

Mr. Hall is an alumnus of the University of Alberta and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (both in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), and has presented the Jouvay Popular Theatre Process [JPTP], implemented worldwide as a performance model for actor ‘training’ and play-making as well as for personal and community ‘development’. JPTP is a drama workshop which, through ‘every day’ performance values, describes and dissolves into oblivion the ‘cliches’ of awakening, self-realization and group mobilization that are embedded in the Emancipation Performance Traditions developed on the Caribbean streets.

Tony has contributed, and continues to contribute, as lecturer and arts facilitator at respected institutions in the USA, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, where he has been lecturing (Festival and Drama) in their Trinity-in-Trinidad study abroad programme since 1998 and Indiana State University, Terre Haute, where he has directed many drama productions including two World Premieres, ‘The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club’ (2004) with David Rudder and Arthur Feinsod’s ‘Table 17’ (2007); in the Caribbean, the University of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain and the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad; in the UK, the University of Winchester, the University of Bradford and The Carnival Learning Centre, Ryde, Isle of Wight. In 2016 MUD! a ritual of the sunrise procession, was presented at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad and also in November of that year ‘Underwater Hacking’ a JPTP workshop as a street event was presented as part of SENSORY HACKING, a symposium on arts education at Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland. Tony Hall has also done an international artist residency at California State University, Northridge, Los Angeles, CA.

He has served as a theatre practitioner with Catalyst Theatre, Edmonton (1978-88) and continues his theatre practice in Trinidad through a Playwrights Workshop, started in 2003, and his own Lordstreet Theatre “Peoples of the Sea” Company, which he co-founded with Errol Fabien in 1990. With Lordstreet Theatre he has composed and produced landmark award-winning plays including: ‘Jean and Dinah . . . Speak Their Minds Publicly’ (1994), winner of five Cacique Awards for theatre in 1994-5 and recognized in 2014 by the President of the Borough of Brooklyn, NYC, for twenty years of touring this Lord Street Theatre production; ‘Twilight Cafe’ (2001), also winner of five Cacique Awards for theatre in 2002-3; ‘The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club’ (2006) with lyrics and music by David Rudder, awarded Most Outstanding Original Music in 2006; and ‘MISS MILES the Woman of the World’ (2011), after its premiere at The Little Carib Theatre, Port of Spain in October 2011, was presented in Hartford, CT. April, 2014.