Toddler bitten on the neck by grandparents’ dog

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Toddler bitten on the neck by grandparents’ dog

A two-year-old boy is warded at the San Fernando General Hospital with bite wounds to his chest and neck, after he was attacked and bitten by a mixed-breed dog at his grandparents’ home in South Oropouche.

The unfortunate incident took place on Tuesday.

Reports state that around 8:30am, little Vishal Deonath and his 3-year-old brother were in the yard of their grandparents’ Hilife Trace home.
They were in the company of their grandfather Bhola Deonath, who said they were playing near a mango tree when the dog suddenly attacked Vishal, who had gotten too close.

The dog, Monster, was still tied to a piece of rope during the attack.

The 72-year old Deonath said it happened just as he turned his back to sweep.
He said he dropped his broom and began choking the dog, which then let go of the infant.

The child was rushed to hospital where he remains warded.
South Western Division police are investigating.