Tobago’s Sylphil Home orphanage in need of financial assistance

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Tobago’s Sylphil Home orphanage in need of financial assistance

Covid-19 financial woes have hit the Sylphil Home in Love (SHIL) orphanage in Tobago.

According to a release from the Communications Unit of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), most of the home’s staff are working without salaries caring for the children currently housed at the Lambeau location.

The Secretary of the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development (DHWFD), Tracy Davidson-Celestine, Assistant Secretary Nadine Stewart-Phillips and Administrator Cherryl-Ann Solomon paid a visit to the home to meet with its management to discuss possible solutions.

As a gesture to the home, the top women at health supplied the orphanage with a bulk of food items.

The home currently houses 12 children, some of whom wrote SEA and CXC exams this year, with good results.

Davidson-Celestine said that the meeting was fruitful as they discussed how the THA can partner with the Home to assist them in achieving their objectives.

She said, “We want to ensure that at the end of the day, we have the best arrangement, which will redound to the benefit of our nation’s children. We understand the stress that COVID is placing on the residents in our communities and throughout the length and breadth of Tobago.”

The carers, “aunties”, have been working without pay and whatever comes into the home by way of donations is used for the 12 children currently living at the unfinished building.

The THA has always been supportive of the privately run facility as SHIL was received a $300,000 grant from the Assembly to assist with constructing a building a few years ago.

The children’s home was established in 1955 by the parents of the current Director, Susan Phillips-Jack, who is continuing their legacy.

Phillips-Jack thanked the Assembly for the food baskets.

She said, “I want to thank Ms. Tracy Davidson-Celestine and her team for coming to present this token to us. We really appreciate it and we are looking forward to their help and support.”

Those who would like to contribute or volunteer to the Sylphil Home in Love can contact 757-0796.