Tobago will soon be home to the Caribbean’s largest organic berries farm .

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Tobago will soon be home to the Caribbean’s largest organic berries farm .

Trinidad & Tobago will soon be home to the Caribbean’s largest source of locally-grown fresh organic berries., with the ability to produce 22 tons of berries per month.

A 12-acre climate-smart hydroponic greenhouse farm located on Cove Estate in Tobago will specialize in fresh organic berries and greens for local consumption, providing a unique opportunity for the commercial production of ‘cold weather’ crops in a Category 5 hurricane resistant tropical setting, with major implications for food security, climate resilience and import substitution.

The initiative, pioneered by Trinidad & Tobago company Berrycove Limited— borne out of a partnership between Anthony N. Sabga Limited, Alquimi Renewables LLC and Island Growers Caribbean— belies not only natural climactic limitations but also the threat of anthropogenic climate change.

Advanced agtech and climate smart protected agriculture provides a solution for the climate-related barriers to growing a variety of organic crops in harsh tropical environments plagued by climate change impacts.

Berrycove’s first phase project at Cove Estate will utilize IAT/Sprung advanced climate smart greenhouse and hydroponic production systems specifically engineered for the sub-tropical climate conditions of the region.

Alquimi and its strategic engineering and manufacturing partner, Sprung Structures Ltd., developed the highly specialized greenhouse system to support Island Growers Caribbean farming projects throughout the region and other island states affected by severe climatic threats.

The initial investment will see the construction of the 42,000 square foot greenhouse farm in Tobago, which will produce over 22 tons of fresh berries per month as well as fresh organic greens once it is in full operation. Later phases of the project will seek to increase production levels and introduce a freezing and packaging component for frozen berry exports across the region.