Tobago lawyer says contents in leaked audio tape “unacceptable”

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Tobago lawyer says contents in leaked audio tape “unacceptable”

Head of the Tobago business chamber, Martin George, says the comments in the voice recording circulating on social media which appear to be that of THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine are unacceptable.

In the recording, two persons whose voices sound similar to Augustine and Education Secretary Zorisha Hackett, can be heard discussing the hiring of persons within the THA to promote political propaganda for their newly formed Tobago Peoples Party.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show, George admitted that the recording has yet to be authenticated.

However he added that if it is, the comments made in it are not a good look for the THA Secretary.

Augustine has yet to comment on the recording and avoided the media at last week’s sitting of the THA assembly.

George told Power 102 Digital that in the interest of good governance and accountability, there ought to be some clarification from the Chief Secretary’s office as to the authenticity of the recording.