TML withdraws letter following issue of unvaccinated staff

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TML withdraws letter following issue of unvaccinated staff

After receiving flack from members of the public, following its stance on unvaccinated workers, the Trinidad Muslim League has withdrawn a letter issued by the TML School Board outlining its position.

In a media release, TML says public views expressed over the past two days regarding its position on vaccination are unfortunate and misrepresent the true intent and purport of the letter dated 16th December 2021.

The TML says for the avoidance of doubt, the letter did not instruct unvaccinated employees not to report for duty. It said at no time has the TML School Board or its representatives debarred unvaccinated employees from entering the compound of any of its schools.

The TML maintains the view that vaccination is a crucial component in the fight against COVID-19 and says the letter issued by its School Board was premised on that view.

The organisation says it recognises that the contents of the letter may be exploited by those who choose to remain unvaccinated and as such the letter was withdrawn.