TikToker goes viral after making jewellery with semen

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TikToker goes viral after making jewellery with semen

A craftswoman named Amanda Booth has taken social media by storm with her unique brand of merchandise made of male bodily fluids.

The artist originally made a name for herself by crafting jewelry with clay until she began experimenting with the cremated ashes of people’s loved ones instead.

From there, the TikTok influencer expanded her uncanny methods by including breastmilk, hair, and even fur.

When one of her followers on the social media platform presented Booth with the idea of generating a new line of jewelry made with semen, she obliged them, and now ‘Jizz Jewellery’ has become her hottest retail item to date.

In a recent interview with VICE, Booth shed some light on the creative process for her biggest seller, explaining how she receives samples of bodily fluid from her clients in the mail and her unorthodox process for incorporating the substance into her product.