Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard launches limited edition nail polish line

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Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard launches limited edition nail polish line

Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard can now add cosmetics entrepreneur to her extensive resume as it’s just been announced that she’s releasing a limited edition nail polish line!

According to OK! Magazine, the reality television queen is teaming up with Orca to release a four-pack of limited edition nail polishes entitled HBIC (head b**** in charge) which is quite on-brand for the Flavor Of Love alum as she’s definitely been the HBIC for years. “This is my first product ever and I literally put my heart and soul into HBIC Ink,” the 39-year-old told the magazine. “It is a fabulous nail lacquer line that really speaks to the true HBIC within all of us.”

While she normally likes to wear all black, the reality TV OG shared that she set out to create a bold color collection for nail connesiours, releasing a line of blue red, yellow, and green nail polishes to add “pops of color” to their outfits of the day. But according to OK!, what makes this nail polish line different from the rest is the inspiration behind each color, which each one leaning into Tiffany’s bold and over-the-top personality. “The first color that I’m so excited to introduce is Boss Up Blue,” Pollard said, telling OK! that the hue is all about “taking charge, taking control and being your own boss.”

Then there’s the Go Go Juice Red, which Tiffany notes is perfect for getting you going for the weekend. “We love a good cranberry and vodka, but for my girls who don’t drink, Go Go Juice can still speak to you like an energy drink or a strong cup of coffee,” she said. The yellow shade is the Zero Caution Yellow, inspired by Tiffany’s boss side, as she explained, It’s so important for us to speak boldly and [not] put up caution tape. If you need to say it, be that HBIC that you are and just get it all out.”

And finally, there’s the money-making green color, which the reality TV maven has named Currency. “We always want to get to the next bag,” she explained. “We always gonna take that almighty dollar, be entrepreneurs, follow our dreams, and increase our capital.”

Tiffany Pollard’s new nail polish line, HBIC, is available for purchase here.