Three firearms, marijuana and cocaine seized in Central


Three firearms, marijuana and cocaine seized in Central

Anti-crime exercises conducted in the Central Division over the last 36 hours, resulted in the seizure of three illegal firearms, ammunition and a quantity of illegal narcotics.

Yesterday, during a thorough search of an open bushy area along the Southern Main Road, Mc Bean, known as the “Yard”, the officers, aided by K9 units, discovered two clear plastic bags containing 40 grams of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $4,000.

In another incident, officers acting on actionable intelligence proceeded to Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay, where they observed suspicious activity near a bar. Upon their approach, two individuals were observed fleeing towards a jetty, with one carrying a black backpack.

The officers pursued, however, the men escaped. The officers then made checks in the immediate vicinity and found one black backpack on the jetty. When officers examined the backpack, they found one .22 revolver and one .380 pistol along with a magazine and one round .380 ammunition.
Additionally, police seized 21 grams of marijuana yesterday when they executed a search warrant at a home located at London Street, Longdenville. Two persons were arrested for the offence of Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Meanwhile, another anti-crime exercise in the Freeport district today, resulted in the seizure of one illegal firearm and a quantity of marijuana. During a search of an open bushy area, off Lime Head Road, Chase Village, officers found 512 grams of marijuana and one glock 19 pistol fitted with an extended magazine containing 18 rounds of 9-mm ammunition and another magazine containing six rounds of 9-mm ammunition. The items were seized and two persons were arrested.

The exercises were led by Senior Superintendent Simon, Superintendent Gyan, Superintendent Baird, ASP Ablacksingh, Inspector Sylvan, Inspector Estrada, and Inspector Stewart and supervised by Sgt Harriot, Sgt Persad and WPC Mitchell-Samuel members of C.I.D, Freeport Warrants, officers of C.D.T.F North and K9 Blaze and Diesel and their handlers.
Enquiries are continuing.