Thirty-Four Venezuelans National Held In Mayaro.

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Thirty-Four Venezuelans National Held In Mayaro.

A Mayaro man and 34 Venezuelans were held and quarantined by officers of the Eastern Division during an anti-crime exercise conducted in Mayaro.

Officers conducted the exercise between 3:30 pm and 4:20pm on Monday during which they conducted surveillance of the coastline in the vicinity of Bel Air Road, Mayaro.

During the exercise, the officers observed a group consisting of 34 Venezuelans (19 adults and 15 minors) on the shore carrying quantities of luggage.

Upon seeing the officers, the members of the group attempted to hide in a nearby abandoned structure but were
held and placed into quarantine.

Immigration officials were subsequently contacted.

Officers also held a man of Rest House Village, Mayaro, who was observed with two cages in his possession.

The cages contained a number of birds, namely bullfinches and blue and gold macaws.

The animals were seized and a party of Game Wardens took them into custody.

The suspect was also placed into quarantine.

The exercise also included officers of the Mayaro Criminal Investigations Department, Task Force, and the Emergency
Response Patrol Unit.