The UK Readies for an Extended Period of Containment

The UK Readies for an Extended Period of Containment

Citizens of Britain have been living in general containment since last Monday. Decreed for at least three weeks, this preventative device should last a long time, probably until the end of May, maybe even the beginning of June” as COVID-19 advances rapidly across the world. The assessment is for the moment of 1019 dead and 17 089 contaminated people.

“I can’t make an exact prediction but I think everyone needs to prepare for a long period during which these measures will remain in place,” said Michael Gove, one of Boris Johnson’s chief ministers at the BBC microphone. I would have liked to have been able to predict when all this will end, but it is crucial for the moment that we respect in the weeks to come to the strict guidelines that have been established in terms of social distancing. ”

In a letter to 30 million British households, Prime Minister Boris Johnson – himself tested positive for Covid 19 – warned that the situation would “get worse before it gets better”. But from his residence at 10 Downing Street where he continues to work, Johnson ensures that the measures could be tightened depending on the evolution of the health situation. “We will not hesitate to go further if it is that scientific and medical advice tells us to do,” says the leader of the Conservative party.

Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, who advises the government, estimated in the columns of the Sunday Times that the confinement should remain in place “probably until the end of May, perhaps even early June. May is optimistic. ” A strong turnaround then the United Kingdom was still advocating, not long ago, the strategy of “collective immunity” to combat the spread of the coronavirus on its soil.