The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the clear choice for today’s active lifestyles

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the clear choice for today’s active lifestyles

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has launched in Trinidad & Tobago the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra; a new series of flagship devices that fundamentally change the way individuals capture and experience the world.

The Galaxy S20 series introduces a brand-new camera architecture that combines AI with Samsung’s largest image sensor yet for stunning image quality.

Izzso Media spoke with Sales Manager Samsung Electronics, Terry Weech who said that consumers who want the latest technology in screen size, camera, battery and performance will not be disappointed by the features on the S20 Ultra.

Mr. Weech said the Galaxy S20 makes the experience of everything we love to do with mobile phones, easier and better.

From capturing our special moments with our loved ones using its camera to watching videos and using the device to play ‘console-style’ games on-the-go.

Mr. Weech said Samsung, with its consumers in mind is providing a next-generation device for transforming people’s lives with an incredible, AI powered camera.

Consumers can capture the moments as they happen and connect more seamlessly with others from all over the globe.

Why choose the Galaxy S20 Ultra? 

The Galaxy S20 and S20+’s displays include a 10MP selfie camera, while the S20 Ultra boasts a 40MP lens. The Galaxy S20 Ultra also features a powerful Quad camera setup that offers pro-grade photos and videos.

“Consumers don’t need to think about how they are going to charge their device at lunchtime, or plug into a charger during the middle of the day, because that device is going to hold the charge whole day,” says Mr. Weech.

When asked about the company’s vision for 2020, Mr. Weech said their concern is to ensure that customers feel secure about getting innovative products that can hold the test of time; especially during a global pandemic – and to also to win the hearts of new customers.


Is the Galazy S20 affordable?

Across Samsung’s portfolio, the company offers a variety of devices, so everyone can find the experience that’s right for them.

At the launch of the Galaxy S20, Samsung said they will reduce the price of the Galaxy S10, and are working to bring select software features from S20 to the S10 line.

Samsung devices are available from US$100 – US$1,200

The Galaxy S20 series will be available in various, classic colors.
Galaxy S20: Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue
Galaxy S20+: Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black
Galaxy S20 Ultra: Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black 

When asked about concerns regarding the Coronavirus and a change the economic climate, Mr. Weech said indeed there was a pause with the way persons spend and budget their finances; however he said things have thus improved and the company is confident that everyone will be able to match a device to fit their lifestyle based on the company’s prices.


What is Hybrid Optic Zoom?

For the tech freaks, selfie lovers and self taught photographers 

The Galaxy S20’s revolutionary Hybrid Optic Zoom combines advanced new high-resolution image sensors and lens, which is designed to provide more value to users than traditional optical zooms does.

S20 and S20+ support 3X Hybrid Optic Zoom and S20 Ultra supports 10X Hybrid Optic Zoom.

Mr. Weech in response to the S20 being suitable for the average selfie user to the trained photographer said their is no boundary with which any user can’t cross when using this device.

He said with the Hybrid Optic Zoom individuals who have preferred sides of taking images will be able to get a professional photograph shot.


Security Features – Fingerprint reader on the back of the device has been moved

Earlier this year, an issue was raised that involved ultrasonic fingerprint sensors unlocking devices after recognizing 3-dimensional patterns appearing on certain silicone screen protecting covers as users’ fingerprints.

Samsung said they have to ensure that they live up to consumer expectations for keeping user information secure, by establishing standards for ensuring devices can be safeguarded from potential threats.

Mr. Weech said with the fingerprint reader at the front of the device, users can feel safe again.