The more you know: You can vote twice, but only for LGE


The more you know: You can vote twice, but only for LGE

Yes, you can vote twice but there must be provisions made for the elector if the person chooses to do so.

Yesterday, UNC candidate for Vega de Oropouche Anil Juteram said he was asked by an Elections and Boundaries (EBC) Officer if he would be voting twice. He said he was advised that there was a document an elector could collect, and it would be done. Juteram said he would be seeking clarification on the matter.

Today, EBC’s Communications Manager Bobbi Roger sought to put the scrutiny to rest. She confirmed that a person could vote twice but there is a process to follow before it happens.

She said in accordance with Section 13 E of the Representation of the People’s Act, an elector can vote in the Municipal district in which he has a business or if that business is ten miles of the city or borough corporation. The elector must also have proof of where they live and where their business is.

However, an elector wanting to vote twice would need apply to the Chief Elections Officer, and they must get approval first- they cannot assume that because they applied they will be allowed to vote twice. Additionally, the provision only applies to those voting for Local Government Elections, not General Elections.