The Invention of an AI COVID-19 Detection Mask

The Invention of an AI COVID-19 Detection Mask

A team of Moroccan researchers, composed of engineers and doctors, announced the launch in initial version of a “smart mask for automatic remote detection” of the Covid-19 (MIDAD), accompanied by an application of ‘ tracking’ (Trackorona), which provides a method for predicting and diagnosing the disease.

According to these researchers, the mask, which also serves as a protective barrier, was designed using 3D printing and contains a map and temperature, humidity and pressure sensors to measure pressure and the respiratory cycle, as well as the oxygen level in the blood spO2 (by combining it with an Oximeter).

“MIDAD” is one of the 6 projects selected for an international competition called“Haking Covid19” organized by HEC Paris and other partners, which received no less than 102 applications. Thanks to this distinction, a Moroccan investor has offered to finance the production of this mask.

In a statement to the MAP, the coordinator of the scientific team, Dr. Mouhsine Lakhdissi, clarified that this mask is connected via Bluetooth to the Trackorona application which offers “tracking” (tracking) of the user’s movements for detect their level of respect for confinement and social distancing.

He said the app, which can be downloaded for free on smartphones independently of the mask, offers a medically validated self-diagnosis form and innovative technology to detect symptoms of the disease by voice.

The application also uses an evolving multi-factor prediction “framework” using environmental, behavioral and medical data from the patient and artificial intelligence.

He explained that this application makes it possible to trace the vital data of the mask by combining it with the other data of self-diagnosis, intelligent detection by voice and behavior monitoring to assess the probability of infection, but also to know the people frequented by the user, while respecting the law on the protection of personal data.

The MIDAD smart mask and the Trackorona application are a 100% Moroccan project, which offers an innovative and low-cost method, he said, stressing that it is “a modest scientific contribution made available to our country by way of recognition and which remains open to improvements, adaptations and rectifications made by the experts“.

Regarding the steps taken to protect this invention, Dr. Lakhdissi explained that a patent application has been filed for this device which will be launched in Open Source for Moroccan citizens and the government.

He indicated that the scientific team worked on this project for a month, adding that the idea is the result of a collective reflection within the framework of citizen mobilization and active in connection with the pandemic, noting that contacts have been made. established in this sense with the research center of the Faculty of Medicine of Casablanca.

This is an innovative project that has taken advantage of experiences in South Korea, Singapore, Germany and Switzerland on containment, social distancing and detection of the disease through voiceprinting.

This mask can be used to fight against the coronavirus but also in remote medicalization in other cases of diseases.