The Healing Spice of Caribbean Culture – Garlic


The Healing Spice of Caribbean Culture – Garlic

Sure, garlic typically has a propensity to leave a foul odor in the mouth when consumed raw, but that stench may be worth bearing, as this strong spice has been long revered as one of nature’s most effective healing sources.

Those of Caribbean descent know that garlic has been long held as elders as a cure-all. In the Caribbean, it’s often blended with all other ingredients to create a concoction that knocks influenza out of anyone’s system. But, all over the world, people also use garlic to treat hypertension, stomach problems, infections, to sterilize and heal wounds, and for a variety of other health issues.

The modern-day medical arena has gradually caught on over the years, and even today’s traditional doctors recognize the inexpensive spice for its tremendous healing power.

According to research, the medicinal properties of garlic is more effective when its clovers are finely chopped or fully crushed. When chopped or crushed, garlic releases a compound known as allicin, which is the essential healing element within the spice. This compound is also responsible for garlic’s pungent taste and odor.

Enhances the body’s immune system

Garlic has been used for over 5,000 years medicinally, from back to the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, to rid the body of infections, and has been proven to sustain the body’s immune system.

Excellent at boosting the immune system, garlic has effective decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve a stuffy nose, catarrh, allergic rhinitis, and other respiratory allergies. It is therefore commonly used to treat coughs, sore throats, and colds, and if taken regularly, especially in the flu season, reduces the likelihood of catching a cold or the flu.

Aids effective digestion

Garlic is rich in vitamin C and potassium and is useful to assist with the digestion processes. Recently, good digestion has been linked to good mental health. A sound digestive system also rids the body of toxins which deplete the immune system.

Reduces blood pressure and promotes heart health

Garlic promotes a healthy heart and proper blood circulation. When allicin is broken down, compounds called diallyl sulfides are created, which boosts circulation and good cholesterol. Garlic reduces high levels of bad cholesterol, LDL.

Garlic can also help to lower blood pressure, a major risk factor for both heart attacks and strokes. It has a unique way of relaxing the muscles of the arteries by making them dilate, thus reducing blood pressure naturally.

Has antibiotic qualities

Garlic has definite antibiotic qualities.  Research conducted by the renowned 19th-century scientist, Louis Pasteur, revealed the bacteria-killing qualities of garlic. Recent research has confirmed these original findings and support garlic’s antibiotic functions. The herbal spice has been used in wartime to stop the wounds of soldiers from becoming infected. Crushed garlic applied to cuts, wounds and infections like athlete’s foot, in small quantities, is very effective in treating an infection. However, if applied too liberally the spice can burn skin surrounding a wound.

Effectively combats cancer

Some research also notes that garlic has the potential to combat cancer cells, without serious side effects. The hydrogen sulfide in garlic, some findings state, is potent in preventing the development of prostate, breast, and colon cancers.

Enhances male sexual potency

And yes, its also true that other research indicates that garlic improves men’s sexual potency by stimulating the flow of blood to the heart and the penis.

Detoxifies the Body

The sulfur-containing compounds in garlic help to stimulate liver enzymes responsible for removing toxins from the body. The allicin found in the spice also helps the liver in fighting off toxins.