The EMA Launches Educational Video Series For The Nation’s Children

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The EMA Launches Educational Video Series For The Nation’s Children

The Public Education Unit of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) is introducing a new environmental series specifically for the nation’s children.

The EMA says Story Time with Auntie Alisa is a series of four (4) videos intended to bring awareness and foster appreciation for environmental issues in children between the ages of 5 to 11 years old.

The series will premiere on the EMA’s Facebook page and YouTube channel at 10:30am on Friday, November 5th and will continue at the same time for three consecutive Fridays in the month of November.

A statement on the launch of the initiative states that parents and teachers will welcome this series of comic book readings on topical issues such as bush fire prevention, caring for the environment, natural habitats and folklore of Trinidad and Tobago as each Story Time episode includes online resources for word searches, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, thereby producing an excellent resource for interactive student engagement.

The EMA’s ongoing public education campaign supports Trinidad and Tobago’s National Development Strategy, Vision 2030, which focuses on the ‘environment being at the centre of social and economic development’, and aims to fulfill Trinidad and Tobago’s commitment to the global Sustainable Development Goals.