THA workers threatened to vote for PNM or else…

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THA workers threatened to vote for PNM or else…

It seems that workers at the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) are being threatened with loss of jobs should they vote for the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).

Minority Councillor at the THA Dr. Faith Yisrael confirmed that the workers are being warned against voting for the PDP which is led by Minority Leader of THA Watson Duke. Yisrael said that she has been receiving disturbing complaints from the workers- if they fail to vote for the PNM they will face dire consequences. She made the statement during a press conference this morning alongside Watson Duke.

Yisrael said there are many workers are scared, and are afraid to answer their phones. She compared the situation to modern-day slavery.

Duke, on the other hand, took a jab at THA’s Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles stating that the leader is unable to properly manage the affairs of the Assembly.