THA to expedite construction works on Parlatuvier Jetty

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THA to expedite construction works on Parlatuvier Jetty

The Division of Infrastructure Quarries and the Environment confirms it is aware of the problems surrounding the Parlatuvier Jetty and assures residents and the wider public plans have been in train to obtain the financing to treat with the issues affecting the fishermen of Parlatuvier and users of the jetty.

In a media release the Division said since initial reports of damages to the jetty made by the fishermen and residents, the DIQE has been constantly monitoring the situation.

It says as a result of the reports, the THA conducted a series of stakeholder meetings to assess the needs of a wide demographic of stakeholders, in order to ascertain a way forward.

The Division of Infrastructure says further to the THA Executive Council’s approval for the repair of the jetty, it engaged the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited for procurement and project management services, for the proposed demolition and reconstruction of the Parlatuvier Jetty.

The Division says whilst initial studies commenced to ensure proper assessment and evaluation of the jetty before commencing actual repairs, the project has been on hold as the THA sought the necessary funding.

The Division says NIDCO has since provided a technical proposal for the execution of the project and the THA will be proceeding to repair the Parlatuvier Jetty on a phased basis.