TGU Plant upgrade successfully completed

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TGU Plant upgrade successfully completed

Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) says the scheduled upgrade work at its Union Estate Plant, which necessitated a total plant shutdown, has been successfully completed and the plant is now fully back online.

On announcing the planned shutdown last week, TGU explained other power producers would take over its load.

Now, PowerGen and CotourGlobal Trinity have been instructed to return to normal operations.

According to a release, Minister of Public Utilities, Marvin Gonzales thanked the three IPPs for the collaborative work done to allow for the smooth completion of TGU’s upgrade works. He also expressed his commendation to all employees and partners who worked to ensure that all processes went as planned and no outages were required, even with the country’s primary power plant being shut down.

“We are also grateful to customers for their assistance by managing their consumption,” he said.