TEMA Activates Its Operations Centre Today

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TEMA Activates Its Operations Centre Today

Today the Tobago Emergency Operations Centre will be activated.

TEMA says all response agencies are on standby.

Emergency equipment is prepositioned in critical areas of Tobago, especially on the northeastern side.

Designated Shelter Managers have been notified, and Emergency Shelters will be activated if needed. The specific shelters that may be opened include: 18 Community Centres; nine Multipurpose Facilities; six Primary Schools

The Community Emergency Response Team  Centre will continue to operate 24/7.

Teams are on standby to respond to any incoming reports (specifically tree cutting) and to conduct damage and needs assessments.

Relevant authorities are coordinating their preparation efforts.

TEMA will continue to share emergency preparedness messages regularly with the public and encourage all citizens to be prepared in the event of landfall.

TEMA says persons residing in low-lying flood-prone areas, near riverbanks, and landslip-prone areas to be particularly vigilant and to take the necessary precautions to preserve life and property.

It says marine interests should exercise extra caution and citizens should monitor official news sources and weather updates.

The TEOC will continue to coordinate with Emergency Support Functions to manage response and relief efforts.

Persons in the event they are impacted Hurricane Beryle can contact the 211 call center or TEMA at 660-7489.