Teenager charged for murder of Dr. Sharma

Teenager charged for murder of Dr. Sharma

Another teenager has been slapped with a double-murder charge for the murder of Dr. Rudradeva Sharma and Akeem Marine.

On January 15, the 17-year old teenager, Marine and Antonio Francois, 19,  kidnapped Sharma and his colleague Dr. Prem Naidoo. They stole Sharma’s vehicle and while traveling along the Solomon Hochoy Highway near Claxton Bay the vehicle overturned. Sharma died at the scene, while Naidoo, Marine, Francois and the teen were taken to the San Fernando General Hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Died at the scene: Dr. Rudradeva Sharma

Treated and discharged: Prem Naidoo

Naidoo was treated and released; Marine died at the hospital while Francois and the teen were warded.

Francois was released and charged with six offences: the double-murder, and kidnapping and robbing Sharma and Naidoo. He was remanded into custody until February 20.

The teen will also be charged for the same six offences.

Sources say the teen was released into his mother’s care for a short period before being remanded into police custody. He was reported to be badly injured in the accident as he needs to use a wheelchair.

Both teenagers are charged under the murder felony rule which states that a person who participates with others in a crime involving violence, robbery is taken to be such a crime, which results in death of the intended victim, is liable, as is the principal, for murder.