Technology driven exercise bike

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Technology driven exercise bike

The covid 19 pandemic has fueled home exercise equipment Technology around the globe. Following close in the footsteps of the hugely successful Peloton movement is the Carol exercise Revolution.

“Get fit and healthy in 26 minutes a week.” That’s the bold claim made by the creators of this exercise bike, which combines high-intensity training with an algorithm that learns your fitness level and creates a training regime.

The bike is built on the idea that energetic bursts of exercise are effective at making you healthier. Research seems to support this idea, with several studies showing that periods of high-energy activity interspersed with more sedate intervals seem to push your body out of its comfort zone, improving heart health, lung capacity, fat-burning potential and more.

If you’re serious about training, the bike plugs into the growing market of online classes, including Peloton Digital and Apple Fitness+.