Tech failure to blame for dirty water in South taps

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Tech failure to blame for dirty water in South taps

Persons in South Trinidad should see clear water in their taps today.

This is the assurance being given by Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales after thousands of homes yesterday experienced dirty, discoloured water flowing from their taps.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), warned customers not to drink the water.

It explained that the issue arose as a result of low clearwell levels at the Navet Water Treatment Plant facility.

WASA said the problem affected parts of South-East Trinidad served by the Navet Water Treatment Plant.

Affected areas included Golconda, Princes Town, Mayaro, Tabaquite, Piparo, Rio Claro, Barrackpore and several other communities in that part of the country.

Minister Gonzales told News Power Now that the situation stemmed from a technological failure.

He added that the issue has since been resolved and said customers can expect a return to normalcy.