Team established to investigate immunisation card fraud claims

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Team established to investigate immunisation card fraud claims

Fraudulent immunisation cards are reportedly being sold to people who are unwilling to receive the jab and according to Deputy Commissioner of Police of Investigations, McDonald Jacobs, the issue is a high priority for a team established within the Fraud Squad to pursue it.

He said this team will have the necessary resources to perform its duty.

Speaking during Wednesday’s Ministry of Health virtual press conference, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh said the ministry received information of the alleged immunisation fraud from a whistleblower.

He noted these allegations were being taken “very seriously” because “it may be more than rumours.”

He said immediately after hearing the claims the ministry increased its vigilance over immunization cards used at vaccination sites; monitoring how they are distributed.

Minister Deyalsingh said the penalties ranged from imprisonment for seven years up to life imprisonment. He warned that this will also be applied to the person purchasing the falsified documents.

DCP Jacobs added, “We will be looking at if there were any parties to the crime-like who aided and abetted, persons who assisted in creating this forgery upon documents – they will also be found liable and we will have to go further to see whether or not there is any sort of plan or conspiracy to go about carrying out such acts,” he said.

He stated that if any public officer is found to be involved in such an activity, they will also be slapped with a charge for misbehaviour in public office.

He says anyone with information on such practices can contact the police service and make a report.