Teacher Had Sex with Teenage Boy and Forced Him to Call Her ‘Momma’


Teacher Had Sex with Teenage Boy and Forced Him to Call Her ‘Momma’

A Houston teacher’s aide has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for sexually abusing a young student.

The sexually abusive teacher’s aide, Tedria Fluellen, 52 worked at Worthing High School in Houston. The grandmother of the teenager she had sexually abused discovered texts between Fluellen and the boy on his cell phone. The texts were sexually explicit.

The Houston teacher’s aide was charged with sexual assault of a child under 17 years old.  According to court documents, the victim said the abuse started in 2018 when he was 16.

The victim first met the teacher’s aide who would sexually molest him when he was a student at Worthing High School in Texas.

The sexually abusive woman also attended the same church as the boy she targeted.

The boy told authorities that he would sometimes go over to the home of the teacher’s aide who sexually abused him and coerced him into helping her with various menial tasks. The documents shared that Fluellen and the alleged victim had sex four times, including once in Fluellen’s vehicle in a school parking lot. She called the boy “my secret lover.”

After that secret got out, the Houston Independent School District released a statement indicating it was cooperating fully with the investigation into the teacher’s aide who sexually abused a student.

Additionally, Fluellen compelled her victim to address her as “Momma.”

Court documents indicate that Fluellen accused the boy of being gay, although it is unclear how he identified. When speaking with investigators, Fluellen said the told the victim that another student was trying to ‘turn him out.’