Taxi Drivers Network appealing to PH drivers to become legal

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Taxi Drivers Network appealing to PH drivers to become legal

The TT Taxi Drivers Network has stressed that ‘PH drivers are illegal.” However they are now calling on all illegal PH drivers to take the necessary steps to become legal taxis.

During a protest outside the Ministry of Works and Transport on Wednesday, President of the network Adrian Acosta said the network represents over 50 associations, all of which are disappointed in the government’s handling of taxi regulations.

Acosta said “We have gone through the process to become legitimate taxi drivers and we are saying they (PH drivers) need to do the same.
“We are calling on PH drivers who are illegally plying their trade…to get your taxi badge and come out and service the community, just as you are serving them now illegally.”

He said drivers are also fed-up and frustrated with the ministry and they are demanding a meeting with line minister Rohan Sinanan, as they believe government has been paying more attention to accommodating illegal drivers than the legal ones.

Acosta said the network has suggested a number of ideas that it believes would help to regulate the industry, among them, the removal of the costs associated with acquiring a taxi badge as incentive for those who say they cannot afford it.
They have also advised putting a route number on all taxi stands so when the driver becomes legal, they will not leave that area for another.