TATT and TTIPO clamping down on illegal streaming devices

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TATT and TTIPO clamping down on illegal streaming devices

The Telecommunications Authority of T&T (TATT) and the T&T Intellectual Property Office (TTIPO) are warning all persons who import, advertise or sell “illegal streaming devices” to cease and desist, or face a fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for 10 years.

In a joint notice this morning, the TATT and TIPO, defined illegal streaming devices as small media boxes, USB sticks or other devices that are connected to a TV and contain software allowing access to TV stations or other copyrighted content without paying.

According to the organizations, these devices circumvent the technological protection measures designed to control access to copyrighted content.

They warn that persons can be prosecuted for the offence under the Copyright Act of T&T, Chap 82:80.

TATT and TTIPO are urging importers and distributors to cease and desist with immediate effect, as it will be working with law enforcement to prevent the importation and use of these devices.