TATEC Crews Working In Affected Communities

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TATEC Crews Working In Affected Communities

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission says its crews are working in affected communities.

Some of the areas identified are northwest Blanchisseuse, East Manzanilla, South, Central and Tobago.

It also gave a breakdown of the status of its operations in the various locations.

At present its crews are on site at NORTHWEST BLANCHISSEUSE Old Road Blanchisseuse.

A crew has been assigned to EAST MANZANILLA Nariva Road, Manzanilla and in CENTRAL ENTERPRISE Alladie Trace, Raghunanan Road.

In Tobago, MASON HALL, crew assigned to Adelphi Road.

TATEC says it has completed work at CROWN POINT Light House Road.

Crews have been assigned to SIGNAL HILL Piccadilly Branch Road, SCARBOROUGH Mt Marie Crew and CARNBEE Sherwood Park.