Tancoo wants Heritage to speed up compensation for 2020 oil spill

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Tancoo wants Heritage to speed up compensation for 2020 oil spill

Opposition MP Dave Tancoo, Councillor Doodnath Mayrhoo and Mr. Edward Moodie, head of the South Oropouche Riverine Flood Action Group, met on Tuesday with representatives of Heritage Petroleum at Clarke Road, Penal, seeking the long delayed compensation for fisher-folk who were affected an oil spill late last year.

The representatives complained about the extended length of time that the process was taking and the difficulties being faced by citizens to secure compensation for their loss following last years’ oil spill in the New Cut Channel in the Oropouche West Constituency.

Heritage agreed to expedite finalization of compensation to fisher-folk, crab catchers, oyster harvesters and land owners, adversely affected by the environmental damage caused by the seepage of oil from Heritage’s infrastructure.

Other initiatives discussed with Heritage included repair works to Rahamut Trace damaged by Heritage contractors working on the Oil Spill, and the creation of a new Picnic Site to be determined jointly by Heritage and the people’s team.

MP Tancoo stated that it had taken four months to get to this point and reiterated that the affected citizens were disenfranchised and angry at the delay. He cautioned that while he was hopeful that this matter would be resolved within this month, citizens have expressed their commitment to engage in public protest and legal recourse should Heritage fail to keep its assurance.