“Take a breath, calm down and let us all work together” CoP

“Take a breath, calm down and let us all work together” CoP

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith confirmed today that the protests were indeed organized by community leaders.

Speaking with CNC3’s Mark Bassant this evening, Commissioner Griffith said that while the country was up in arms over a number of protests, he has intelligence that it was specially organized by known persons of interest to the TTPS.

He said the persons involved in organizing the protests do nothing but cause more harm and sit back while others take the law into their hands.

Commissioner Griffith said that he will do all in his power to put an end to organized crime.

He said he is working hand in hand with the Police Complaints Authority and will ensure that the officers involved in the Morvant killing will be fired as oppose to be suspended.

Commissioner Griffith said while emotions were in play today, he said citizens can not break the law to bring about a resolve.

He also said the TTPS is prepared if any organized gang tries to have a repeat of 1990 – he said what lasted for 7 days will end swiftly in 7 minutes.