Tabaquite MP Lobbies For Equitable Access To Education

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Tabaquite MP Lobbies For Equitable Access To Education

More effort is needed to ensure equitable access to education according to Opposition Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Anita Haynes.

The concern was highlighted while MP Haynes piloted a private motion – increasing and unacceptable levels of disparity in inequitable access to education.

Speaking in the House of Representatives Friday afternoon, MP Haynes, put forward her points about gaps in the education system which are preventing an all-inclusive environment.

MP Haynes said the time has come for intensified action in this area.

The Opposition MP said special needs students must also be given the much needed resources to ensure they are able to perform well.

However, responding to the concerned raised, Minister of Education Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly said the motion is relevant and admitted the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenges to all countries.

Dr Gadsby Dolly said there were provisions in place to take care of students who were not able to go online for virtual learning.