Tabaquite MP begs for help to remove landslip debris in Guaracara

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Tabaquite MP begs for help to remove landslip debris in Guaracara

The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Ms. Anita Haynes, is calling on government agencies to expedite the process of addressing recurrent land movement at the 17km mark, Guaracara Tabaquite Road.

The roadway, which was last cleared in mid-September by the Ministry of Works and Transport, was blocked by landslip debris due to the heavy downpour of rain on Wednesday.

Haynes via a media release said, “this is a matter of urgent public safety. The land is still moving and, with more instances of inclement weather, the road is becoming increasingly compromised. Vehicle passage has been reduced to a single lane and even that is becoming narrower day by day, with vehicles being forced to drive along the edge of the retaining wall.”

MP Haynes confirmed that the cause of recurrent landslips at this site is under police investigation.

Haynes said she wrote to the Ministry of Planning and Development for its support in these investigations as well as in obtaining legal access to the land, which is privately owned, in order to implement lasting solutions. The ministry has since referred the matter to the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).

Haynes acknowledged, “It is critical that the State obtains legal permission in order to carry out these works. Ultimately, as the investigations continue, the responsibility of the land owner will be determined. Until such time, I am calling on the Ministry of Works and Transport to continue to assist us with clearing the roadway so that members of the public can traverse safely.”