T.I sued for destroying rental property in L.A.

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T.I sued for destroying rental property in L.A.

Rapper T.I. is being sued for damaging a rental home in Los Angeles.

Homeowner Farzin Fazeli claims he rented a residential property to T.I.— real name Clifford Harris on July 11, 2020, in Encino, CA, The Blast reports. The hip-hop star is accused of leaving Fazeli with $100,000 in damages after the rapper vacated the property. According to Fazeli, T.I. also stole a piece of art on his way out.

As The Blast reports, citing the lawsuit, “the house was rented for $25,000 a month and included a $50,000 deposit fee,” the outlet writes. Tip vacated the property on August 31, 2022, and the owner says the damage he left behind totaled $127,182.65!

“After deducting the $50,000 security deposit, the total outstanding damage is $77,182.65, The damages arise from a significant number of alterations done to the property that were done either without the knowledge or some limited knowledge, but all with the agreement that the house would be placed back to how it was when it was originally leased,” the complaint reads, The Blast reports.

It also includes physical damage, including but not limited to a projector, pool house floor, kitchen pantry door, drywall, and ceiling damage,” per the lawsuit.

The homeowner claims surveillance cameras were ripped out and there was a “punch imprint in the master bedroom,” which also had over $16,000 worth of damage, per the lawsuit.

The legal complaint also notes that the lease agreement states, “The tenant. Clifford Harris, Manager of King of the South LLC, understands and agrees that he is ultimately personally responsible for all obligations under this lease agreement between King of the South, LLC, and Sandy and Farzin Fazeli Family Trust. In the event that King of the South LLC does not first fulfill the obligations agreed upon in the agreement, Mr. Harris understands and agrees that the owners will fully exercise their rights to recuperate any unpaid rent or costs associated with damages to the property directly related to Mr. Harris’ tenancy.”

T.I. is being used for a minimum of $77,182.65 plus interest, fees, and costs, according to The Blast report.