Suspects leave cell phone at crime scene after robbery

Suspects leave cell phone at crime scene after robbery

Police may have the evidence to find four suspects who robbed a family at gunpoint on Saturday night.

Reports indicate that around 9:15pm, family members were at their Retrench Village, San Fernando when four men stormed the house and announced a hold up.

The armed men were seen exiting a Black Nissan Tiida minutes before they jumped over the wall to the house and entered the premises.

One of the victims saw the suspects and called the police.

The men robbed the family of jewellery, electronic items including cell phones and a quantity of cash.

During the robbery, one of the suspects was told that the police were nearby, and the four men escaped.

They were chased by police but managed to evade capture.

Officers recovered a cell phone at the scene which may belong to one of the suspects.

The phone was taken to be examined.

Meanwhile, Arouca police are searching for a group of men who robbed a man in the area on Saturday night.

Around 10:20p.m, the victim was sitting in the yard of his house located at Blue Bird Drive, Arouca, when a stranger approached him armed with a cutlass.

The man admitted to challenging the suspect and they began to fight.

Upon realizing that he was losing, the suspect called out for help and two men, one armed with a firearm, came to his rescue.

The armed man pointed the gun to the victim’s face and told him to go into his house.

They shuffled him and other members of the family into a room before they robbed them of jewellery, cellular phones, and a quantity of cash.

The men then escaped.

Police are continuing investigations into both incidents.