Suspected thief killed by police in Couva

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Suspected thief killed by police in Couva

Couva CID are looking into the death of 20-year-old Keaton Simmons, who was killed during an alleged larceny on Wednesday night.

According to a report, two police constables were patrolling Camden Road around 10:50 and decided to drive into a side road where they heard noises near an incomplete house.

The officers parked their vehicle and walked to an area where there were several houses under construction and saw two men carrying Z purlins.

The officers ordered the men to stop and drop the items, and saw a flash and heard a loud explosion. 

The officers returned fire and when the dust cleared, found Simmons, of Dairy Lane, McBean, lying on the ground.

The owners of the house visited the scene and reported that it was subjected to constant larcenies.

Crime scene investigators recovered three spent 9mm shells, blood samples, a pair of slippers, a hacksaw, a bolt cutter, three bottles and a foot impression on a paint tin cover.