Suspect chopped after raping teenager


Suspect chopped after raping teenager

Police officers are investigating an incident in which a woman was raped, and her assailant chopped in a home in Wallerfield.

Reports indicate that around 5:45am last Thursday, the suspect broke into the house and went to the bedroom of the 18-year-old female victim. The man was a former boyfriend of the victim. She told police that she awoke and saw the man standing above her with a gun. He then proceeded to rape her, after which time he fell asleep. The victim went to the bedroom of another man who slept in the apartment and told him what happened. The man armed himself with a cutlass and went to the victim’s room. When he tried to subdue the assailant, he fought back and they both got into the fight. During the altercation, the suspect was chopped several times about the body.

The suspect was taken to the Arima Health Facility where he was treated and is in a stable condition. He is expected to give a statement and assist police with their investigation when he recovers.

A firearm was also discovered in the house.