Supermarkets to limit crowds – one person per family advised

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Supermarkets to limit crowds – one person per family advised

President of the Supermarkets Association (SATT) Rajiv Diptee, is encouraging the public to shop in the smallest number, in light of the rising cases of COVID19.

As such, he said they are moving to implement a one person per family quota for shoppers in order to limit crowds.

In an interview with the Newsday, Diptee said although supermarket owners are doing the best they can, they find themselves constantly having to remind customers to wash their hands, physical distance and wear their masks correctly.

He said “We have instructed the supermarkets to take precaution with the month-end that’s coming up because what we are seeing right now is a lot of pandemic fatigue where people are tired and frustrated with the COVID19 restrictions.”

Diptee said customers need to understand that the case loads have been going up and they need to do their part. “They know what they have to do, we just want them to keep doing it.
“We have had some customers showing up telling us they cannot leave their children, their sick or elderly at home and in some cases bringing the family is unavoidable.”

He said they have been working with the medical association to put things in place, so they have a formula for the management of crowd control.
“At the same time, the responsibility lies with the customer to ensure that they follow the protocols,” Diptee said.