Supermarkets head says food prices not falling anytime soon

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Supermarkets head says food prices not falling anytime soon

Head of the Supermarkets Association, Rajiv Diptee has signaled a warning to shoppers, that food prices are not likely to fall anytime soon.

Diptee, speaking during an interview with i95.5, said that while the cost of freight shipment is dropping between China and several countries, that is not the case for our region.

He told the network: “We have conflict, which is still happening in Ukraine and that is affecting everything, along with Covid-19 and we are still seeing effects of this through the supply chain affecting operations globally. We also have climate change to grapple with and flood issues, which has caused produce to skyrocket at the supermarkets.”

He pointed out that transshipment is also a major problem within the Caribbean, and also admitted issues with the cost of local food items and produce.

Diptee said, “The flooding that took place late last year, has caused the prices to increase drastically. When I looked at pumpkins it was $9 a pound at the market and $12 at the supermarket.

“I think that some of the prices coming forth in the market, from some of the farmers, and in particular some of the agri-producers are a lot for consumers to fork out. I am not sure that we have any control over such a situation. That’s for the Ministry of Agriculture to deal with,” Diptee stressed.