Supermarket Association Discuses Cyberattacks In The Industry

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Supermarket Association Discuses Cyberattacks In The Industry

The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago met with the Cyber Security Incident Reporting Team of Trinidad and Tobago  to discuss the recent incident of cyberattacks within the industry and to discuss the ramifications for the future.

The virtual conference which was attended by fifty plus persons within and connected to the supermarket industry discussed several strategies in dealing with the matrix of threats from cyberattacks in both traditional and novel means.

The panel noted that the evolving sphere of cybersecurity posed difficult challenges which needed to be addressed in the wake of increasingly sophisticated attacks that now placed the supermarket sector in a position where it must evolve to meet a baseline level of defensive security measures.

The presentation laid out by the visiting experts from the Ministry of National Security detailed an overview of how these attacks originate, what measures of security are critical as well as their own response machinery to these cyberattacks.

Today’s session is intended to be the first of many interactions between the SATT and the TT-CSIRT.

It was a pivotal moment in the relationship between both entities and the supermarket industry as a whole.

The engaging dialogue between members of the SATT and TT-CSIRT laid a promising foundation for the implementation of appropriate cyber security controls within the sector.

The panel was excited to assess the genuine interest from the membership in their engagement.

Both parties agreed to meet soon as the sector works toward improving its cyber security posture.

Present with the SATT team were expert panelists from TTCSIRT including Anish Bachu and Mr Vivek Ramcharitar.

Joining the panel team were  Revan Teelucksingh, Director Laresa Technologies Solutions Limited and Kyron Leopold, resident SATT IT management consultant.