Supermarket Assoc. wants sexual offences to be non-bailable

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Supermarket Assoc. wants sexual offences to be non-bailable

The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago is appealing for sexual offences and kidnapping to be made non bailable offences.

The Association says this should be done to provide steeper deterrents with the punishment befitting the severity of the crime.

In a media release the Association said it is of the view a public sex offender registry will greatly increase public confidence in the identification of such perpetrators with several benefits outlined in the post mortem of these tragedies, had they existed in the first place.

The Association said for these same high level heinous crimes, court hearings should be expedited to the point where virtual hearings can be arranged and steep fines put in place to discourage absenteeism of any party, frustrating the due process of the court.

The Supermarket Association said it wants customers to know that it stands with women and openly condemn these crimes of a despicable and violent nature.