Supermarket Assoc. collabs with the TTPS on managing COVID protocols

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Supermarket Assoc. collabs with the TTPS on managing COVID protocols

At the request of the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service, the board of directors of the Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago(SATT) met with members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) in a virtual forum to discuss collaboration on the management of COVID 19 protocols
at supermarkets nationwide.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Wendell Williams, as well as various Divisional heads of the police service were in attendance at the meeting chaired by SATT President Mr. Rajiv Diptee.

High on the agenda were COVID 19 management protocols which already include the three pillars approach employed as an extension of Ministry of Health regulations including hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing.


Key concerns raised by TTPS included the high volumes of foot traffic expected at month end throughout the stores at a period where flattening the curve is paramount to the national outlook and welfare.

Both TTPS and SATT have formally agreed to work together in a novel collaboration. TTPS
will ensure their personnel visit supermarkets, especially during this month-end weekend.

They will work closely with SATT to address any issue of clusters at supermarkets generally, including gatherings that may be deemed high risk where transmission of the virus is concerned.

TTPS strongly supports SATT’s advisory to the public to limit the number of shoppers from any one family, to one as far as practicable.

This is to ensure that the volume of traffic at the stores is reduced in an effort to reduce spread of COVID 19.

The public is also strongly urged to adhere to COVID 19 protocols issued by the Ministry of health and not to let their guard down as pandemic fatigue creeps in.

SATT will be working closely with all member stores to lend support as necessary with the
assistance of TTPS.