Sunny Bling T&TEC video goes viral

Kerron Sealey aka Sunny Bling

A video showing popular radio and tv host Sunny Bling (Kerron Sealey) has gone viral. In the video Bling is seen chastising T&TEC for entering his home and disconnecting his electricity supply for non payment of the electricity bill.

In the viral video Bling admits to not paying the bill but was upset that the T&TEC officials entered his premises enen when he did not give permission and was not present at the time of the disconnection.

The Commission according to the Law can enter a customer’s premises to disconnect electricity, among other things, even if the customer is not at the location.

In the video Bling said: “Why is it that I had someone enter my premises without anyone being there? This is 2019. We have to be real”.
He also said: “If you living somewhere and you come and meet your lights cut with the red tag sign, which mean they come in your place, that is cause for concern. That is what you call breaking and entering,” he advised the public.

“As to the paying of the bill, bill done pay long time. That was never the issue,”

The video also showed when the T&TEC representative returned to reconnect the Sunny Bling’s electricity supply and the host questioning him about again entering the compound without permission.

“The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission Act, Chapter 54:70 authorises the Commission’s representatives to enter an individual’s property to carry out its duties In addition to electrical inspections, disconnections and trimming / clearing trees.”

Section 63 of the Act also states: “ Any officer appointed by the Commission may, at all reasonable times, enter any premises to which electricity has been supplied by the Commission, in order to inspect the electric lines, meters, accumulators, fittings, works and apparatus for the supply of electricity belonging to the Commission, and for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity of electricity consumed or supplied, or, where a supply of electricity is no longer required, or where the Commission are authorised to take away and cut off the supply of electricity from any premises, for the purpose of removing any electric lines, meters, accumulators, fittings, works and apparatus for the supply of electricity belonging to the Commission. However, the Commission shall repair all damage caused by the entry, inspection or removal.”

The video went viral on social media yesterday afternoon.